Contemporary African art

Main publications

  • Editor of Sulla storia dell’arte contemporanea africana. Concept and co-editor of the dossier in “Africa e Mediterraneo”, n. 55, 2006 with a historiography of Contemporary African art exhibitions, publications and playlists: introduction, research, development of the concept and the issue structure, collaboration in the selection of contributors and essays, photographic research, editing. The bibliography of the issue was developed collaboratively on Wikipedia (article contemporary African art on Wikipedia in Italian). Indexintroduction in English.
  • Co-editor Industria culturale in Africa. Co-editor of the dossier in “Africa e Mediterraneo”, n. 47-48, 2004 on cultural industry in Africa: research, collaboration in the selection of essays, editing. Index.
  • ArticlesMake it sexy. La promozione dell’arte contemporanea africana in L’arte etnica tra cultura e mercato, eds. Guido Candela and Maurizio Biordi, Skira, 2007, pp. 93-131.
  • Import-Export: History of the History of Contemporary African Art (Introduction) in “Africa e Mediterraneo”, n. 55, 08/2006.