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Editor and co-editor

  • Public Art in Africa. Art et transformations urbaines à Douala /// Art and Urban Transformations in Douala,  ed. Iolanda Pensa with Marta Pucciarelli, Fiona Siegenthaler, Marilyn Douala Bell, Kamel Verschuren, Xandra Nibbeling, Lucas Grandin, Asta Adukaite, Maud de la Chapelle, MetisPresses, 2017. Index, SUPSI repository.
  • Sulla storia dell’arte contemporanea africana. Concept and co-editor of the dossier in “Africa e Mediterraneo”, n. 55, 2006 with a historiography of Contemporary African art exhibitions, publications and playlists: introduction, research, development of the concept and the issue structure, collaboration in the selection of contributors and essays, photographic research, editing. The bibliography of the issue was developed collaboratively on Wikipedia (article contemporary African art on Wikipedia in Italian). Indexintroduction in English, original version in EnglishSUPSI repository.
  • Ars&Urbis. Editor of the dossier in “Africa e Mediterraneo”, n. 50, 2005 on the relationship between art and the territory in Africa: introduction, research, selection of contributors and essays, general coordination, photographic research, editing. Index, introduzione in italiano, SUPSI repository.
  • Industria culturale in Africa. Co-editor of the dossier in “Africa e Mediterraneo”, n. 47-48, 2004 on cultural industry in Africa: research, collaboration in the selection of essays, editing. Index, SUPSI repository.


  • I. Pensa, System Error. Art as a space to produce what we would never have thought we needed in Contemporary Perspectives in Art and International Development, eds. Polly Stupples and Katerina Teaiwa, Routledge, 2017, pp. 104-117. SUPSI repository.
  • I. Pensa, D. Fornari, Mobile Access to Knowledge: Culture and Safety in Africa. Documenting and Assessing the Impact of Cultural Events and Public Art on Urban Safety in Urban Safety and Security, ed. Emanuela Bonini Lessing, Franco Angeli, 2015. SUPSI repository.
  • I. Pensa, Public art and Urban Change in Douala in Making Douala 2007-2013, catalogue of the exhibition Making Douala 2007-2013, International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, 2012. Translated also into French and republished from Public Art and Urban Change in Douala in “Domus online”, May 2012. Englishitaliano.
  • I. Pensa, La bibliothèque de Chimurenga in The Chimurenga Library: An Introspective of Chimurenga Magazine, Cape Town Platform, 2009, pp. 4-6. The text is an extract of an interview by Marian Nur Goni on Africultures en français, SUPSI repository.
  • I. Pensa, Princess in Douala in Translation, Episode Publishers, Rotterdam, 2008, pp. 110-117. Text in English, versione originale in italiano, SUPSI repository.
  • I. Pensa, Make it sexy. La promozione dell’arte contemporanea africana in L’arte etnica tra cultura e mercato, eds. Guido Candela and Maurizio Biordi, Skira, 2007, pp. 93-131. Versione originale in italiano, SUPSI repository.
  • I. Pensa, Les biennales et la géographie: Les biennales de Venise, du Caire et de Dakar in Créations artistiques contemporaines en pays d’Islam : des arts en tension, ed. Jocelyne Dakhlia, Paris, Kimé éditions, 2006, pp. 573-588. Français, SUPSI repository.


  • La Biennale de Dakar comme projet de coopération et de développement (The Dakar Biennale as a project of cooperation and development), directors Jean-Loup Amselle (EHESS Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Parigi) and Prof. Rosanna Salerno (Politecnico di Milano), Paris, 2011, CC by-sa all. SlidesRead or download on Wikimedia Commons.
  • La Biennale di Dakar, University degree, director Luciano Caramel (professor of Contemporary Art History), Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, Milano, 2003.


OnCurating, Zurich, 2016

  • I. Pensa, Public Art and Urban Change in Douala in “OnCurating. In this Context: Collaborations & Biennials”, ed. Nkule Mabaso, Issue 32 / October 2016 Notes on Curating, pp. 48-53. English. Republished from Public Art and Urban Change in Douala in “Domus online”, May 2012. Englishitaliano.

Chimurenga, Cape Town, 2011-2013

  • Cowboy Noir in Nollywood in Chimurenga Chronicle, December 2013.
  • The Power of Wikipedia: Legitimacy and Control in “PMS Reader Power Money Sex”, Chimurenga and Open Society Institute of Southern Africa, 2012. Englishoriginal version in English.
  • Where People are Knowledge in Chimurenga Chronicle 18-24 May 2008, Another Section* Media & Technology/People are Knowledge, October 2011 (predated 18-24 May 2008), p. 11. Original version in Englishreading list.

Seismopolite: Journal of Art and Politics, Norway, 2013

  • I’ll have a project. How international grants and cultural cooperation have shaped contemporary African art into a project made of objectives, activities and expected results in “Seismopolite Journal of Art and Politics”, 2013. English, Norwegian.

Domus, Milano, 2004-2016

Il sole24ore, 2012

  • I beni visibili grazie a Wikipedia: Il concorso Wiki Loves Monument promuove il patrimonio pubblico raccogliendo fotografie e dati. Ma l’Italia sconta vincoli di copyright in “Il Sole 24 Ore”, Domenica, Sezione Cultura e sviluppo, n. 77, p. 38. Versione originale in italiano, français (merci Otourly).

Open Knowledge Foundation Blog, 2011

  • Share Your African Knowledge in “Open Knowledge Foundation Blog”, 09/11/2011. English.

Mousse, Milano, 2007

Artthrob, Cape Town, South Africa, 2004-2007

  • Opinion: TransCape in “Artthrob”, 02/2007. English.
  • Dak’Art 2004 in “Artthrob”, 06/2004. English.

Nafas Art Magazine, Universes in Universe, Berlin, 2004

Tema Celeste, Milano, 2002

Flash Art, Milano, 2000-2001

Africa e Mediterraneo, Sasso Marconi Bologna, 2002-2007

Nigrizia, Verona, 2001-2007

Africa, 2003-2005

Flair, Milano, 2007

Gulliver, Milano, 2003-2004

A Oriente!, Milano, 2001

Italia Convention, 2016

  • Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario in “Italian Convention”, October 2016. Italiano, English.

Wikimedia Foundation Blog

  • Cangiano, Serena, Florence Devouard, Giovanni Profeta, Marco Lurati, Samir Elsharbaty (Wikimedia Foundation), Iolanda Pensa. Community Digest: Using data to visualize Wikipedia knowledge gaps; news in brief in “Wikimedia Foundation Blog”, 23/02/2017. Results of the Wikidata SUPSI Workshop in Lugano February 2017English.

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  • Wikipedia Primary School.
  • Africa and Wikipedia. The quality and quantity of African content on Wikipedia and the role of Scholars in contributing to it in Newsletter of the Société suisse d’études africaines Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Afrikastudien SSEA – SGAS, 1/2015, pp. 34-36. To download the newsletter.
  • WikiAfrica (2007-2012).
  • Share Your Knowledge (2011-2012). Case study on Wikimedia Outreach with list of institutions involved; guidelines.
  • WikiAfrica Primary School Feasibility Study, November 2012.
  • Mobile A2K: Resources Interfaces and Content on Urban Transformations (2009-2011) and Mobile A2K: Culture and Safety in Africa (2012-2013). Documents.
  • Vestire i paesaggi (2009-2012). Documentazione in italiano.

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