Curatorial work, artworks, exhibitions, videos, conferences and workshops

Artworks and design

  • Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang by Iolanda Pensa, Iman Issa, Brian Wood and Valerio Berruti. Project-object for the call for proposal on the Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang promoted by “Domus” magazine, 09/2005.
  • Rossella Biscotti, Dai tempo al tempo, 2007. Commission of the work based on the photographic collection of the Pietro Pensa Archive. This work has won the prize Emerging Talents 2009 promoted by Fondazione Strozzina, Firenze.
  • Impossible sites dans la rue, Simply in a Box, 2009 and 2011. Artistic director. Collaborative work made with pinhole cameras and video.
  • Antonio Scarponi – Conceptual Device, TOI-Things of Internet: Graphic Templates for DIY leaflets, 2010. Artistic director and commissioner of the modular and reproducible communication art and design project.
  • Warburghiana, Concerto Sinottico n. 4, 2010. Artistic director. A synoptic concert by the art group Warburghiana based on documents from the archives and libraries Archivio Pietro Pensa, City Council Archive Brivio, Taceno and Primaluna (Provincia di Lecco).
  • Salottobuono, Curve di livello, 2011. Artistic director. Urban design in Esino Lario.
  • Invernomuto, Culiarsi, 2011 (curator Anna Daneri). Artistic director. The artwork is an installation composted of a video and a 6-meter high theremin activated by a falcon during a performance and recorded in a video. The work was based on documents from the archives and libraries Archivio Pietro Pensa, City Council Archive Brivio, Taceno and Primaluna (Provincia di Lecco).
  • Roberto Paci Dalò, Animagus, 2012. Artistic director. A permanent sound installation in the Museo delle Grigne reinterpreting the collection of the museum.



  • Media/Varianza, online exhibition. Artists: Mounir Fatmi, Moataz Nasr, Nicolas Lieber, Khosrow Hassanzadeh, Mamadou Ndoye Douts, 2001.
  • Light Link: Minsk – Novosibirsk – Vladivostok in collaboration with the architect Joseph Grima, Careof, Milano, Italy, 27/09-20/10/2004. Artists: Blue Noses, Vladimir Tsesler & Sergey Voichenko, Katya Kandyba, Drum Ecstasy, Andrey Savitsky.
  • Warburghiana, Concerto sinottico n. 4. Collaboration in the exhibition design in Brivio and Esino Lario, Italy, 2010.
  • Invernomuto, Culiarsi. Collaboration in the the performance in Primaluna (LC) and in the exhibition design in Esino Lario (LC), Italy, 2011.
  • Roberto Paci Dalò, Animagus. Curator of the exhibition and permanent installation, Esino Lario (LC), Italy, 2012.
  • Making Douala 2007-2017. Co-curator of the exhibition in Basel, 2017.

Conferences and workshops

  • Thinking About the SUD, promoted by iStrike Foundation, Rotterdam, 27-28/01/2007. Co-curator of the meeting organised in the Netherlands to prepare the SUD-Salon Urbain de Douala of 2007.
  • WikiAfrica Douala, promoted by doual’art in collaboration with lettera27 Foundation, organised during the Ars&Urbis International Workshop, Douala, Camerun, 03-17/03/2007. Co-curator and project manager.
  • Ars&Urbis International Workshop, promoted by doual’art in collaboration with iStrike Foundation, Douala, Camerun, 03-17/03/2007. Co-curator of the workshop and collaboration in the project management and implementation.
  • WikiAfrica Workshop, promoted by lettera27 Foundation, Festivaletteratura, Mantova, 7-9-/09/2007. A series of conferences that produce live Wikipedia articles.
  • Mobile A2K Access to Knowledge: Resources, Interfaces and Contents on Urban Transformations, Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center, Bellagio, October 2009. Curator of the conference in collaboration with Roberto Casati.
  • Mobile A2K Access to Knowledge, promoted by lettera27 Foundation, Festivaletteratura, Mantova, 11-12/09/2010. Scientific director of the three two-days’ events of the conference programme; moderator of the conference with Rasheed Araeen.
  • WikiAfrica Workshop, Libreria Griot, Roma, 06/10/2010. Collaboration with Libreria Giot in the concept, structure and implementation of the workshop.
  • Mobile A2K Access To Knowledge Afrofantasy Workshop, Swiss Design Network Conference, 29/10/2010. Co-curator with Davide Fornari.
  • Share Your Knowledge, promoted by lettera27 Foundation, Fondazione Cariplo and Careof/DOCVA, Milano, 20/04/2011, 25/05/2011, 14/06/2011. Three meetings and training sessions addressing cultural institutions on access to knowledge and knowledge sharing, Creative Commons and Wikipedia.
  • Planning Cultural and Environmental projects: Training Course First Level (Ideare progetti culturali e ambientali. Corso di formazione di base), Liceo Scientifico Grassi, Lecco, 09/05/2011. Co-curator of the basic course on project planning and management.
  • Training Course for Wikipedians in Residence (Corso per Wikipediani in residenza), promoted by lettera27 Foundation in collaboration with Wikimedia Italia, March-May 2012. Training course curated by Remulazz; scientific director Iolanda Pensa.
  • Workshop Mobile A2K: Culture and Safety in Africa. Developing a Methodology Guide, i2a International Institute for Architecture, Vico Morcote, Switzerland, 10-14/03/2012, curator of the workshop with Roberto Casati and coordinated by Davide Fornari.
  • Le istituzioni ticinesi su Wikipedia, SUPSI, Lugano, 05/05/2015.
  • Wikimania Esino Lario, 21-28/06/2016.
  • Workshop Wikidata SUPSI, chapter 1, 6-10/02/2017.
  • Workshop Wiki SUPSI – Chapter 2, 4-6/04/2017.
  • Literature and sources about African cities and open access, workshop, University of Basel, 28/06/2017. Documentation.

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