Il telelavoro ai tempi del Covid-19, 2020-2021, Supported by SUPSI. Budget: 55’000 CHF

TAC Tecnologia Ambiente Competenze (Environmental kits and data), 2020-2021. Supported by Hasler Foundation and in collaboration with the City of Lugano – Lugano LivingLab. Budget: 61’800 chf.

The Italian cultural heritage on Wikipedia, the Wikimedia projects and OpenStreetMap / Il patrimonio culturale italiano su Wikipedia, i progetti Wikimedia e OpenStreetMap, 2020. Principal investigator. Affiliation: volunteer. Supported by Wikimedia Italia. Budget: 25’000 euro.

Wikipedia and the Italian school/Wikipedia e la scuola italiana, 2020. Principal investigator. Affiliation: volunteer. Supported by Wikimedia Italia. Budget: 12’000 euro.

COST ACTION SEADDA Saving European Archaeology from the Digital Dark Age.

GIOCONDA: Integrated and holistic management of the open data life cycle”, Programme Interreg V-A Italy-Switzerland; member of the Swiss team. Budget: 80’640 CHF for the Laboratory.

CHEERS: Cultural HEritagE. Risks and Securing activities”, INTERREG Alpine Space Program, Lead of the Swiss team. Budget: 96’000 CHF for Switzerland.

Preliminary study. A misura di bambino/Children-friendly territories and institutions, 2017. Principal investigator, SUPSI/LCV. Budget: 10’000 CHF.

Culture and Safety in Africa, 2015-2017. Principal investigator, SUPSI/LCV. Scientific communication supported by the SNF Agora Program. Budget: 174’514 CHF.

Case-based communication of research for education, first and second phase 2015-2017. Principal investigator, SUPSI/LCV. Supported by FFHS and DACD. Budget: 91’000 CHF.

Wikipedia Primary School: Providing on Wikipedia the information necessary to complete the cycle of primary education in the languages used by the different education systems, 2014-2017. Principal investigator. Affiliation: SUPSI with the support of SNF within a bilateral cooperation with South Africa. Budget: 219’000 CHF.

Swiss Foundations and Open Licenses. Preliminary study, 2014-2015. Principal investigator. Affiliation: SUSPI with the support of SUPSI and FFHS. Budget: 16’000 CHF.

The Alps on Wikipedia: Open data, Wikipedia, GIS and digital and analog museum design, 2013-2015. Principal investigator with the support of the European Union program Interreg. Budget: 677’000 euro.

Mobile Access to Knowledge: Culture and Safety in Africa. Documenting and assessing the impact of cultural events and public art on urban safety, 2011-2013. Project design, researcher and curator. Affiliation: lettera27 Foundation (2011-2012) and SUPSI (2013) with the support of SNIS Swiss Network for International Studies. Budget: 290’000 CHF. SNIS/Mobile A2K

Share Your Knowledge: Creative Commons and Wikipedia for Cultural institutions, 2011-2012. Project design and scientific director. The project involved over 100 institutions. Affiliation: lettera27 Foundation. Budget: 172’000 euro. lettera27/Share Your Knowledge

WikiAfrica: Increasing the quality and quantity of African content on Wikipedia, 2007-2012. Project design and scientific director. The project reached over 34’000 African contributions to Wikipedia (images and texts) by 2012. Affiliation: lettera27 Foundation with the support of Cariplo Foundation.

Individual project. Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia Progetto Professionalità 2005. Investigation on the international grant system, focused on public and private institutions supporting cultural projects and projects on cooperation and development. Visits, meetings and interviews in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Rome and Venice, 16/05-30/10/2005.

Media and circulation of knowledge in Africa and in the world, 2004-ongoing. Researcher (October 2004 – May 2007). A research project to test the instruments of social science applied to artistic and scholarly production related to Africa and areas connected to Africa. The research group at the beginning specifically focused on African festivals and biennials. Affiliation: EHESS Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.